17 Jun 2012

Instagram assume leadership in Android in 3 hours

 It took three hours to take the lead Instragram between image sharing applications on the Android-rated.

Since its launch, the leader picplz, which has a similar functionality and a great range of features, Google added 8,060 assessments in play. The Instagram sums up 9590. The correct number of downloads may or may not be disclosed by Instagram, since Google does not provide this information immediately.

[Download the Instagram in Downloads INFO]
With more than 30 million users only in iOS, the Instagram generated much interest and controversy for its absence in the Google system. Apparently, this myth surrounding the tool is the key driver of success lightning.

The version for Android is born with a small disadvantage compared to those available for iOS. The tilt-shift effect, which blurs the image plots to generate a miniature effect is not present.

If you, like many, finds Instragram "more of the same", see the list of similar applications that have separated Droids in the past.
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