16 Jun 2012

Devices with ICS reach 2.9% of Androids

 The Ice Cream Sandwich jump from 0.6 to 2.9% in total handsets running Android may have two main culprits: Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation.

Most manufacturers have revealed their list of devices to be upgraded to the newest version of Android, but most have not received the update. So far, users of HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony (Ericsson for the nostalgic) and Motorola and others await the limit of patience.

The amount of equipment Nexus also helped to inflate the number of ICS, but not like the Galaxy S II, Samsung. This account should be significantly increased, but not to overthrow the Gingerbread soon. The Android version 2.3 adds 63.7% of total handsets with Google's system.
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