17 Jun 2012

[HOTTEST] We compare with your competitors Google Drive

Today, Google shook the cloud storage market by announcing the service drive. Offering 5 GB of free space in the package, something that draws attention to are the values ​​of the expansion packs, which are more tempting than the competition.

The service counter an old bet Google, which claimed in the past that store was doomed to limbo, since the trend is the migration to the cloud. With the commitment and profitability of competitors, the search giant decided to put the sleeves off. Thinking about who uses these services or want to launch the cloud to store data, compared Droids packets of the main services available. In the above table are in order: Google Drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Dropbox and UbuntuOne.

Microsoft has changed since yesterday's free SkyDrive storage to 7 GB, but it is still possible to expand the space for the same 25 GB.
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