18 Jun 2012

"It's Max!" Max Payne comes to Android in 26 days

 Those who came late to the game world may have heard of Max Payne in only terrible film adaptation (2008). If this is the case, know that the game is the first to show the "bullet time" - the effect of the Matrix, which shows the path of a projectile - and was a hit on PCs and consoles in 2001. Now, Rockstar Games announced that the first title of the series will be released for Android and iOS.

The Android version will be released on the 26th of this month. IOS users may have a little fun before, now 16 days. The price of versions not yet been revealed, even if users will be fitted with a Brazilian Portuguese version of the game, who repeated the phrase "It's Max!" With an accent and striking each time a player enemy sighted.

Below is a video game, that bet also in the language of comics to tell the story. I remember I had to change my video card at the time just to run the game

"It's Max!" Max Payne comes to Android in 26 days Reviewed by Unknown on 18 Jun 2012 Rating: 4.5

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