28 Jun 2012

google play back with offers from 69p

Hello from Google Play...

 Hello from Google Play ...

Google has just launched play again, a supply of applications on offer, with price drops even more than 80%.

Among all these applications and games that can be found some very interesting and tempting under this offer. Such as:

Mass Effect Infiltrator in Google Play Grand Theft Auto III Play Google Google Mini Motor Racing Play

Mass Effect Infiltrator en Google Play Grand Theft Auto III en Google Play Mini Motor Racing en Google Play

But it does not end there. If you are one of the many who emigrated to England or America, Google Play does not stop at a small handful of applications to offer. The price cuts are also offered in a number of books and movies (for rent, of course).

Ofertas en Google Play

 Anyway. From Spain or from outside, there's no reason you can not take the offer that Google launches Play to celebrate the longest day of the year: the summer solstice.
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