27 Jun 2012

free your s3 galaxy free and easy way to sim unlock voodoo galaxy S III

 Many times we bought a building on the supply terminal of an operator thanks to the offers that we offer but often (almost always), we have the added problem that despite having a permanent contract with them is the terminal itself locked so that only you can use with your network. What happens if for any reason you want to use another SIM from another operator? Well we spent the money to release it (there are many companies that offer this service) or we endure and hope for the period set by the operator to ask for the unlock code. There remains a third option, which is that in some cases and by an application can unlock the handset with the only requirement to be Root.

The thing does not always seem dejarnoslo so easy, but this time the holders of a Galaxy S 3 are in luck. Supercurio, known for his creations Vodoo project and cooked roms Voodoo has launched SIM Unlock Galaxy S III, a completely free application that will allow us to release our terminal with little effort. The only requirement is that we will be Root, something otherwise quite easy to get.

The mechanism is simple. We can download the App from the link below and we installed it. Then we would just throw it and click on the button Unlook. If we fulfill the requirements, in a moment we will have our Galaxy S3 unlocked and ready for use with any carrier.

Should not Root or may not have a compatible device warns us


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