14 Jun 2012

Chrono & Cash presents OrangePixel Android

OrangePixel just introduced a new game for Android called Chrono & Cash. This is a retro-style game in which you must lead a thief whose goal is to steal all the bags of money possible to achieve the next level.
Although it seems a simple objective, on the road you will encounter various enemies who will try to stop you, so you have to avoid them.

Each level is composed of a single screen with a variety of platforms, which are bags you will make in the shortest time possible, avoiding contact with your enemies.

Chrono & Cash is available in Google Play for a price of $ 2.49 dollars, and is compatible with all devices Android 2.1 or higher.
$2.49   star-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-half-dark-img

Chrono & Cash presents OrangePixel Android Reviewed by Unknown on 14 Jun 2012 Rating: 4.5

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